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Practice Areas

At the Cooke Law Firm, we offer a full spectrum of legal services and strive to provide our clients with exception results by utilizing the laws of Texas to their fullest extent. Please review the following Practice Areas for a desciption of each of our service offerings.

Personal Injury

Injured people should have help to get sufficient medical attention, deal with financial hardships and obtain enough money to take care of future problems caused by traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents as well as work related accidents.

With more than ten years of experience working for insurance companies handling personal injury claims, each claim will be prosecuted to maximize monetary damages by seeking all of the categories of damages available to the client.

The Cooke Law Firm offers a free consultation to discuss each case and does not charge any attorney’s fees unless a money recovery is obtained on behalf of the client.

Family Law

Family problems cause the most stressful and emotionally painful situations that should be resolved as quickly as possible to reduce the emotional hardship. The Cooke Law Firm aggressively pursues family law cases relating to divorce, modifications of prior Court Orders and children issues (i.e., custody, support and visitation) by seeking early Court intervention to establish each client’s property rights, child support/visitation and financial obligations, if necessary. Otherwise, family law issues that can be agreed to between family members are encouraged to minimize emotional damage, reduce attorney’s fees and create peaceful relationships to deal with future issues.

Breach of Contract

Contract disputes arise when consumers buy products from stores or an agreement is made to purchase property, goods and services, but the purchase price is not fully paid or the property, goods and services are not provided completely as per the agreement. Attorney’s fees can be recovered at trial from the other party in a contract dispute and in some DTPA cases, three times the actual money damages can be recovered that are caused from a contract dispute. However, emphasis should be placed upon fulfilling the terms of contracts as quickly as possible to reduce attorney’s fees and other financial hardships that might be caused from a breach of contract.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies maximize profits by receiving as much money as possible in premium payments from customers while trying to reduce the amounts of payments to people with legitimate insurance claims. Occasionally, insurance company employees, adjusters and claims representatives avoid and/or minimize insurance company payments to people with valid insurance policies for automobile repairs, home repairs and damaged property. There are many laws regulating insurance companies for handling claims that frequently are broken, which can result in recovery of attorney’s fees and three times a client’s actual damages. The Cooke Law Firm having more than ten years of experience working for insurance companies, each insurance claim will be evaluated to determine whether the insurance company is making proper payments required by the applicable insurance police and determine whether the insurance company has violated the law to justify additional damages to each client.

Important Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is not legal advice, is not intended to replace the counsel of an attorney, nor does it give rise to an attorney-client relationship. Please schedule an appointment with the Cooke Law Firm to discuss your legal needs.